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3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Press E-Stop Controls

Learn the advantages of protecting your workers and your equipment by using monitored e-stops with safety relays


The health and safety of workers has always been a high priority in the manufacturing industry and safety around hydraulic presses can be an issue. Press attachments, such as e-stops, can help reduce accidents. The old MCR (master control relay) systems offer less protection than e-stops. If a contact on an MCR welded shut, you might not know about the malfunction until you needed it to work such as the next time you tried to use the e-stop. At that point, it might be too late, and you could risk a serious accident.

Press attachments, such as e-stops, can be advantageous to your operation’s safety procedures. With advances in interlocked and monitored contacts, e-stop failure can be noticed as soon as the next cycle, depending on the level of safety you chose in your design. Upgrading your MCR system to monitored e-stops with safety relays on heavy equipment, like hydraulic presses, can minimize the chance of a work-related injury, saving you time on incident reports, lowering insurance rates, and boosting overall employee morale.

Increase Employee Safety to Boost Morale

One way to better protect your press operators and maintenance workers is to upgrade your MCR system to monitored e-stops with safety relays. With an e-stop upgrade, you can add another level of safety for your workers.

Today’s technology gives us additional tools, like safety relays, to increase the reliability of your e-stop to properly trigger. When you create safety standards and upgrade your equipment to reduce risk, your employees can feel more confident in doing their job safely.


Save Time and Money with Fewer Accidents

When upgrading and implementing your e-stop system, you can lower the chance of work-related injuries by reducing your machines' risk. Upgrading your e-stops may help prevent an increase in the company's insurance rate by reducing your risk and creating a safer work environment.

Reduce Your Machines Liability

Upgrading your e-stops can reduce the likelihood of your machine being damaged, which could also save you time and money by avoiding unnecessary downtime and repair costs. When in operation, if a worker notices an issue with the machine, they can press the e-stop button to investigate and assess the press’ current state.

When you put the safety and health of your workers at the forefront of your goals, you may reap certain benefits. Making small investments to protect your operators and to protect your equipment could potentially pay out in the future. 

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When workers feel more secure at work, it can boost morale which could even affect your plant's output and revenue. Upgrade your MCR to monitored e-stops with safety relays to increase the standard for safety at your facility.

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