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In-House Crimping Necessities

What you need to start creating hose assemblies right in your shop!

There are many reasons why the ability to create hose assemblies in-house can be beneficial. If you have room at your facility and the resources to train your staff, you can cut down wait times by crimping assemblies in your shop. When you’re in the market for in-house crimping equipment, ensure you choose the right hose saw, crimper and accessories to fit your needs.



Hose Cutting Saws

Hose-cutting saws allow you to customize your assembly's length to the exact specifications you need. When choosing a good hose-cutting machine, you want to place importance on how the machine holds and cuts your hose. Most machines will simply lower the abrasive saw down on the hose and cause the hose to compress and deform. This action can cause a lot of debris from the blade to go inside your hose. Danfoss's Aeroquip Hose Saw is one option that reduces the amount of friction, heat and debris because it uses two small cylindrical rods that force the hose to stretch at the point where the saw makes contact.

The size of the hose will determine which hydraulic hose saw will work best for your business. The larger the hose you’re working with, the larger the saw needs to be. The size and material of a hose is what will help you determine the right blade. Different blades hold different purposes; be sure to check out our diagram to determine what blade will work best for your specifications.


ET9000 ET9100 ET9200 ET9300
4.5 inch Blade 7-inch Blade 10-inch Blade 14-inch Blade
¾” ID x 2 wire braided hydraulic hose cut capacity 1-¼” x 4 wire hydraulic hose cut capacity 2” x 4 wire hydraulic hose cut capacity 2” x6 wire hydraulic hose cut capacity
Portable saw option: also available in convenient, low-cost packages that include portable crimper and crimper portability kit Material- blade dependent 4-6 wire hose compared to the Teflon PTFE Hose

Diamond blade not available
  Notched Scalloped blade not available




Hose Crimpers

A Hose crimper allows you to attach the fitting to your industrial hose to create an assembly. When choosing a crimper, take the size and type of hose you plan to work with into consideration. The location of the crimper and the volume of assemblies you plan to produce are equally important. Each crimper holds unique features to offer diverse solutions to customers.

If you are working with a smaller volume of assemblies where the job’s location frequently changes, the ET1187 could be an excellent choice. This crimper runs off a motor so it can be mounted to a truck or work bench. The FT1380e, Danfoss’s newest crimper, is useful to those who work in larger quantities and with a variation of assembly sizes. This crimper offers preloaded crimp specs with the ability to save unlimited favorites going beyond the 10 presets offered with the standard crimp machine model.


ET1187 FT1380 FT1380e FT1390
Dimensions: 22” High x 9” Wide x 11” Deep, Weight – 65 lbs Dimensions: 28.5” High x 12.75” Wide x 25.75 Deep, Weight- 238 lbs Dimensions: 29.875” High x 16.062” Wide x 25.75” Deep, Weight- 258 lbs Dimensions: 28.5” High x 29” Wide x 28” Deep, Weight - 825 lbs

Aeroquip TTC/Weatherhead Z series fittings and applicable hoses in sizes ¼” through 1 1/4”

Aeroquip/Weatherhead 4S fittings and applicable hoses in sizes 3/8” through 1”

Power: Hydraulic power unit or electricity

hydraulic hose assemblies up to 1 1/4" braid, four, and six wire spiral hose


hydraulic hose assemblies up to 1 1/4" braid, four, and six wire spiral hose

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hydraulic hose assemblies up to 2" braided, four, and six spiral wire hose
Location: Work bench or truck mounting  Location: Work Bench or tabletop mounting  Location: Work Bench or tabletop mounting  Location: Floor standing model 



Projectile Cleaning

When purchasing your in-house crimping equipment, we highly recommend getting a projectile foam launcher for cleaning out remaining debris from the assembling process. The launcher includes a batch of foam pellets in varied sizes to accommodate different hoses. After your initial purchase of the launcher, you can simply reorder the pellets in the sizes you need.

Projectile cleaners are a great accessory to keep on hand when crimping assemblies in the shop. The typical process of cleaning a freshly cut hose without the use of a projectile is to simply shoot air through the tube; this method can leave debris in the tube that can gunk up your system. Using only air can increase maintenance issues like changing your filter or replacing your hydraulic fluid more frequently. Therefore, shooting the foam projectiles through the tube cleans by eliminating contaminates left in your new assembly. Using the projectiles properly can help you decrease the frequency you are filtering in new hydraulic fluids which can result in reduced maintenance time on your system.

*Instructions included with purchase of projectile launcher 

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