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Should I Upgrade or Replace my EHC System?

Replacement of a Hydraulic HPU


Today, EHC systems for both steam and gas turbines are engineered with components sourced from a global supply chain making replacement parts for older EHC system technologies in the U.S. power generation industry obsolete. Since OEMs and manufacturers have merged in the last 10 years, fabricating an entire EHC system for a US power plant is no longer a viable part of the business model. What should power plants do with those older EHC systems⁠—upgrade or replace them?

Why Upgrade Your EHC System:

  1. New reliable technologies make upgrades easier: Recently, manifold technology was incorporated into the design of the HPU to provide leak proof service and interchangeability of components. In addition, more reliable component technology has been introduced since the first EHC system was fabricated.
  2. Parts available from the U.S. distribution network: Sourcing parts through the global supply chain can cost 3 times as much.
  3. EHC system filter and cooling technology changes: This technology has dramatically changed since the first EHC system was introduced by OEM’s. Incorporating both into newer designs will reduce risk of component failure due to contamination and varnish.

Why Replace Your EHC System:

  1. New technologies and designs are available: These new system designs can make your power plant more productive and cost effective than older designs.
  2. Lower cost than replacing individual parts: Purchasing a new system can save you money in the long run because it can be more productive and it is less expensive than replacing all of the individual parts within your current system.

All of this must be taken into consideration because of the obsolescence of parts for older systems due to supply chain issues. OEMs tend to provide a basic system to the customer for the lowest cost with no regard to availability of the components. Choose an HPU provider that has experience in power plant applications, is a distributor of hydraulic components, fabricates the system in their own facility, and has test procedures in place before shipping the EHC system to the field.

Consider Us To Be Your Expert Resource

Our team of experts has been building hydraulic systems for steam turbines since the early 1960s for major OEMs. We are positioned to fabricate EHC systems that will perform effectively, without leaks for many years. Connect with one of our experts today to find out what upgrades we can help make to your EHC system.

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