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Think that electric-powered machinery is out of reach? Think again!

Engineering electric powered machinery is now possible for OEMs of all sizes

Electric-powered machinery has grown to encompass the industrial market as well as moving down market, making the accessibility of electric equipment and components popular for businesses of all sizes. As large manufacturers have adopted and incorporated various electric powered equipment, this has created a wide range of products available for smaller manufacturers' use.

Thanks to the hard work and investments put in by larger manufacturers, electric equipment is now available for companies of all sizes. Now you can implement and design-in equipment for mid-sized and smaller OEMs. Have reservations about your ability to convert to electric power? Don’t. The rapid advancements in electrification have become more obtainable and more practical for all businesses use. With help, you can extend your capability beyond your current staff and resources, making for an easier transition.

How can you help your business achieve its electric power goals? Simple: partner with an engineering company to do the heaving lifting.

Why Electric-Powered Machinery?

Electric-powered machinery offers real advantages, including:

  • No more worrying about high fuel costs

  • Reduced noise

  • Reduced service times

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Potential ROI advantages

  • Properly maintained, a battery can outlast an engine

  • Zero emissions at point of use


Embrace Internal Design Capabilities

If you’re unable to take on the complexities of building electric powered machinery, lean on a team of engineers who can focus on the sizing, schematics, building, and testing of electric powered equipment. Find a partner who can work with you from start to finish or fill in when you don’t have key capability.

Leverage Buying Power for Electric Power Machinery to Your Advantage

Utilizing sourcing partners allows you to take advantage of greater buying power. Also, working with a distributor simplifies the buying process, which eliminates the headache of dealing with the manufacturer. It’s a bonus if you have a partner who is a one-stop-shop for all the components you need!


System Approach

Look for someone who has invested time and resources in vetting the right component manufacturers; someone who knows one size doesn’t fit all. This can alleviate the challenges of cultivating the best components for your system. Partnering with a technology solutions provider not only gives you a menu of options to choose from, but also means you’ll be able to select components best suited for your application.

Look to Applied Fluid Power

We take pride in our curated inventory, with vendors and components vetted by our team of experts to verify the quality of the product. Regardless of whether your needs are big or small, we are confident we can fulfill your requests and alleviate the pressure of choosing the best possible equipment for your system. Partnering with a leading manufacturer not only gives you a menu of options to choose from, but also means you’ll be able to select high-quality equipment best suited for your application.

By teaming up with Applied Fluid Power your team can access our high-quality components at competitive prices. This, coupled with the knowledge of our engineering team will help you transition to the benefits electric powered machinery has to offer. We have observed the trends and anticipated the demand for electrification in the transition from automotive to off-highway vehicles.

Being a leader in mobile hydraulics with a focus on new emerging technology, we recognize the vitality of having knowledgeable engineers and available resources to explore electrification. The market's opportunity for electrification is here and we’ve invested in a large portfolio of products and a team of engineers for all OEMs to utilize so that you can make the right decisions moving forward. What are you waiting for? The future is electric!



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